Symposium 'Aquatic microbiomes: impact in natural and man-made ecosystems'

This symposium aims at bringing together examples of microbiome research in aquatic systems with relevance for biogeochemical cycling, human health, aquaculture, aquatic foodwebs and aquatic plant growth. The symposium is organised by the Centre of Wetland Ecology (CWE).

Microbes are at the basis of all life on earth, catalysing all major biogeochemical cycles thereby also providing many ecosystem services. In light of all global challenges and securing a sustainable future for our planet a more comprehensive understanding of the functioning of microbial communities and their interaction with the environment is necessary. Microbiome research, focussing on all microbes (bacteria, archaea, fungi, prozoa) in a particular environment, has gone through a revolution in the past decade - mainly facilitated by comprehensive sequencing technology unlocking diversity and metabolic potential in large numbers of habitats and under various environental conditions.

Het Centre for Wetland Ecology CWE is een samenwerkingsverband van een aantal kennisinstellingen. STOWA is vertegenwoordigd in de stuurgroep van het CWE.

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