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Delta facts, English versions

Climate change/urban groundwater management

This fact sheet provides an overview of the collected, generated and compiled information on the possible effects of climate change on urban groundwat...

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Critical infrastructure

Infrastructure networks are critical assets for the continuity of vital societal functions. The term critical infrastructure is commonly associated wi...

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Robustness of fresh water

Robustness is a popular term in water management. It triggers associations with strong and invulnerable; if an object is robust, it will not break dow...

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Spatial development in and on flood defences

Spatial development in and on flood defences is as old as the defences themselves. Laws and regulations for building on flood defences have tightened ...

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Aquifer storage and recovery

Excess fresh water is infiltrated and stored in aquifers through wells or infiltration ponds, and recovered from the same wells when needed. Aquifer s...

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