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Reliable dikes STW

Around 1 billion euros per year are required to maintain and upgrade the Dutch dyke network, which protects around 40% of the Netherlands from inundation by the sea. Research is urgently needed to fill knowledge gaps relating to the 14,000 km of rural dykes, which are currently maintained and upgraded using rules mainly derived from research on primary dykes (a very different type of structure).

Of these, 7,000 km of dykes have peat-related issues, including 3,500 km that are estimated to be constructed purely of peat. This research aims to provide industry focused guidance relating to rural dykes, including guidance on the partia factors to be used in design, as well as prototype probabilistic and numerical tools for the effective design, management and maintenance of rural dykes and embankments in delta areas. This will be achieved via the following inter-connected stages:

  • (a) a field test on a real dyke
  • (b) validation of state-of-the art probabilistic and numerical techniques 
  • (c) parametric studies. 
  • (d) the development of guidance and prototype tools.