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STOWA-Aquatech Removal of Micropollutants from wastewater

At the Aquatech Expo, the Dutch Approach on reducing the discharge of micropollutants into surface water is presented including technological challenges of implementation. In this three-day event we present a first sneak preview of the final results of the Dutch Innovation Pilot Program (IPMV) and the progress of full scale implementation. Results of research of more than 15 technologies on demo and pilot scale will be presented. Furthermore research on how to measure the performance of these technologies will be presented with new and specific sampling and measurement methods.


More information about IPMV (in Dutch)? Click on this link.

For this event you must register ALSO for the Aquatech EXPO, register your free visit at

For more information about STOWA AQUATECH Removal of Micropollutants from wastewater, please contact: Mirabella Mulder (; +31 6 13989272) or Cora Uijterlinde (; 06-55751083).