STOWA-Aquatech Workshop 'Dutch Innovation on Micropollutants Removal from Municipal Wastewater'

Since 2018 the Dutch Water Partners are researching innovative technologies for removal of micropollutants from municipal wastewater. This research is carried out within an extensive programme, which is initiated and managed by STOWA and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. At the Aquatech Expo, the first results from this programme will be presented.


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The programme focuses on feasibility of technologies, which are on the threshold of break-through. Key information on 20 selected technologies has been collected and judged by more than 100 Dutch water professionals. For this purpose sometimes also lab research has been carried out. In this programme not only design parameters are reviewed, but also key-information on expected effluent quality, CO2 footprint and costs. This information on performances is determined in a standard way for all technologies. In this way the technologies can be compared and decisions on which technologies are further researched in pilot experiments, can be made transparent.

The results of this research will be pitched by Dutch water professionals with an impressive professional track record. There will be room for discussions of the results with the audience in this interactive event in Hall 13 at the Aquatech Expo November 7th.

This event consists of several one hour thematic sessions:

  • 10.45 – 11.45 Oxidation (ozonation and UV/H2O2)
  • 11.45 – 12.45 Filtration & reuse of wastewater
  • 13.45 – 14.45 Adsorption through new materials
  • 14.45 – 15.45 Activated Carbon Adsorption

You are welcome to join one or more of these one hour sessions for free. Walk-ins are welcomed as long as there are non-reserved seats available. Admittance to the Theme Sessions is not allowed after start-up. To guarantee your seat at one of the theme sessions please register.


STOWA welcomes all other Dutch and international commercial or non-commercial parties, which have carried out research in the field op removal of micropollutants from municipal wastewater, to give a posterpresentation, which participants can visit during the event. For more information on selection and presentation of posters please contact Mirabella Mulder of STOWA.


If you want to attend one or more of of the sessions. you have to:

  • Register to attend the workshop “Dutch Innovation on Micropolutant Removal from Municipal Wastewater (yellow button above), AND
  • Register your free visit to the Aquatech at